Wrapping Gifts



This are actually toys and school supplies given by the people who have a kind heart to help children enjoy the beauty of Christmas. We wrap it together with my fellow workers to make it done as earlier as we can . This things may be given as little important to others but children who receive this, treat it wholeheartedly that gives them joy and happiness however small or cheap it is for them. Giving does not matter how big, small and simple it is but what is important is how you extend your blessings for them to believe that that’s the beauty of Christmas. Even if  Christmas have passed already we still have lot of time to do whatever we wanted to do or give to other people.

Life May seems unfair to us but we can still live for it and make a difference in this world.


Just another Monday


1.  Tomorrow I’m going to _________?


 Work and have my class after a long break of vacation.








2.  Pudding or Jello?

I love jello before and till now. When I ate something jelly it makes me think of my childish years when jelly was really something delicious to me.
3.  What book are you currently reading? 

For now, I wasn’t reading any book as my books and collection where carried away together with the mud and water around our house.
4.  What is the first concert you went to see?










It was actually one of  my  favorite band which is the Hale group . I love their music and how champ deliver his song clearly with a lovely voice. Apart from having good voice , The vocalist which is Champ was really gorgeous.  🙂

5.  What is your current weather?

It’s partly cloudy and sunny .




School Friends :)


   Life is partly what we make it,

                          and partly what it is  made by the friends we choose .


They’re my friends from my course. The guy from a yellow shirt is my high school  to present batch. He is the President of our Organization which is still making a point in the place of all the organization existing in the campus. This picture is taken when  were about to go home and it was really lot of fun because some part of it was about teasing each other’s admiration on my friends.  Well i’m an exception of course as he is a long time friend and acquaintances back from high school. It’s definitely awesome when there are chapters in our life that makes us learn what friendship stands for like the people behind this picture , they’re my true friends off and on cam even if the world fades the reality that were bounded as friends. It’s just a snap of pic’s from all of them I’ve got plenty but I’m still looking for yellow color on it as I’m subscribe to Mellow Yellow Monday.  :))



Reminiscing the tragic day

It was already late but suddenly my mind shifted to write something in  my blog about the day of  December 17 2011 around 1:00 am where typhoon Sendong strikes Northern Mindanao. We were really asleep at that time with my family then suddenly  some people are shouting outside our house, screaming of something I couldn’t understand. So my father and I ran outside  to look what it is all about and it happens that our neighbor was really nervous saying that water from the river is getting high and we should evacuate to save our lives. I was shocked then and my brain doesn’t want to absorbed what I’ve heard from him. Immediately I ran back inside  to tell my family and siblings to wake up then I also went to my grandma and grandpa to do likewise . It then make me nervous when we are heading to go out from the house when the water is nearly on the thigh  level. I was so terrified because i’m not used to this kind of incident but my mind doesn’t sink in that I was walking already with bare foot embracing my grandma to quickly walk on the highway( which have the higher ground).  People are shouting and screaming for help but I couldn’t make any effort to extend my help coz my family needs me too. When I remember those days it always filled my heart of a thousand blessing that I have received when we arrived safely on the highway. Definitely it was a day to remember but never to look forward to, We all have lives ahead of us and beautiful future that awaits more our precious time. I’m starting to Move on from the trauma felt and looking forward for a safer year in 2012. I thank God my family were safe but I grieved on the families who were found dead and their  other members missing from the incident. It was hard to stand back after the incident but we do always remember that life still existing and we should ready ourselves for whatever things that may happen to us. God is the owner of everything and he also have the full authority to bring back what he giveth. Praise to my father above for everything that you have pour on us we still believe and always will in your glory .