A message to impart :O

Well my message was kind of late but I would like to extend my great thank you for our instructor Maam Jackie who share and teaches her knowledge about blogging and HTML.  I was inspired also posting more in this blog especially it’s not just for fun but to express also your feelings towards the outside world. The semester might have ended together with the subject she teaches still  the lesson I’ve learned from her will not be diminish but remain safe within me. It’s funny how we see to it that we can comply on the posting and making of our project even though it’s not that simple. But I learn to value my own work and appreciate what I have exerted when the project was finish.  I look forward learning more on blogging especially that it interest me and helps me to get to know some people who share the same way too.




A Baby’s Friend



H0w I love to have my own baby someday  with the man who is responsible to take good care and l0ve his own child. 



Simply simple :0

To be a simple person has to do with  how you view your life in a manner to live it simply amazing and happy. There are many people who are open to complex things which seems to be a good way to enjoy life. But there are also those who settle for simple things which create an impact to one’s chapter. I love to live in a simple way which gives me more peace and harmony through expressing my feelings towards one another. When individual chooses their life on what they wanted to happened it leaves them a longing which became a struggle for them to fulfill. Learn to live simply and you will enjoy the beauty of life without complications.


I pray



I pray f0r g00d and lasting friendship with my friends n0w and all  that is yet t0  c0me. I l0ve them c0z y0u give them t0 me father. And I’ll treasure every m0ment that I spent with them.


When Loving someone you can expect it to be perfectly shaped on the way you wanted it. You just have to let the love flow and works for the both of you.

It’s just funny how lot of things became more adventurous when you  learn to embrace and trust his promise . I wonder how what really inside me that missing the whole thing of the life that I expect. He was far more than the man that I wish for and I’m grateful to have found him. When we were at the beginning of our relationship I couldn’t say that we would last and make things known unto us. It was never expected that I would seriously fall for the person whom at first I’ve never seen. It was nearly a love that grows on through the line of communicating without seeing each other in person. I never thought that kind of relationship will grow enough that I’ll treasure it for eternity. I love him not on what he is physically but through the affection and sincerity he have shown on me. From that day on I realize that Loves moves mysteriously without hesitating to expect for something that you wanted to happen. Our love was never that extraordinary it was just a love made by us and can be understood perfectly by our feelings towards one another. To love him was a choice and a great challenge for me to remain still whatever happens and problems may come. I’m loving him now and forever still 🙂