Days of Friendship

Days of Friendship

Let’s bring it back to the time we were just the youth of yesterday
trying to prove its existence to a big and complex world we are into

From that day on we had known the blessing of friendship with exchanging of Hi’s and Hello’s ,
bonding moments together, nonsense conversations, puppy love emotions, teen-age quarrel discussions and non ending dreams to prove on.

But even if that’s the life were on, still those memories leave us something that creates the best in us today
And amazingly that’s what make the world turn so right because of friendships we have made and moments we have shared.


Keep Going !! Aja!

Cheer up ! Let go and keep moving on

for there is always a way for you to be strong

Lead up ! be brave , and best things will be known

Look up ! make up, for moments that went wrong

for there will be a chance to take it’s toll to belong.

Co’z even life may not give in to what we asked for

Still life bonded as memories to treasure for so long.



Pretty Amazing !!

It was pretty amazing how this feelings have meaning
from the deepest emotions of my being
unto the tickling joy that lingering.
From the seasons that changing
My love cease for your loving
and end up fulfilling all the beautiful memories we are sharing…


“A word of two creates ME and YOU

A love from you makes my dreams come true

A fate it’s true brings me back to you. “